Alfa Romeo Racing Car Services

Eurosport Automotive are experienced Alfa Romeo racing car and Road Rally car builders and preparers. We have specialised in 60’s to 90’s model Alfa Romeos to date.

We have, in recent years, modified many cars for competition use. In 2009 we completed a black 105 GTV 2000 historic touring car which competes in Australian Group Nc racing. This particular car has 169 bhp at the wheels and weighs just under 900KG with a full steel body and retaining factory glass windows. (See photos in our gallery).

In early 2012 we completed a blue 105 GTV 2000 for Historic Group Sc. This car has 176bhp at the wheels. Our customer plans to have this car competing soon.

We have in 2014 completed an Alfa Montreal and an Alfa Giulia Sprint GT for Historic Sports Car racing. These cars will also compete in tarmac rallies.

Under construction and almost complete is an Alfa 2600 Sprint which will compete in Targa Tasmania in 2016.

The Alfa Romeo Junior Zagato pictured below at Phillip Island retains the original 1300 block but now has 1600 JE forged pistons giving 1433 cc. The cylinder head is from a 1750 which now has 42.5 mm inlet valves, 11 mm cams and modified exhaust. It now has the same rear wheel power as a good standard 2000 cc engine.

We can modify engines, gearboxes, suspension, brakes and chassis.

Whether you want a full blown race car or some street modifications, Eurosport Automotive is your destination. Call us on 08 8362 2333 and we will be happy to work with you to get you to the races.

Junior Zagato & Alfetta GT at Phillip Island Alfa club sprints.

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